The PLINK-O machine is easy to use and loads of fun! The customer inserts a quarter and turns the mechanism to buy a product; gum ball, M&M's, etc., an acrylic ball falls into the launch pad; the customer then pulls the plunger and launches it into the play area.

With the interactive models, the customer has the opportunity to steer the ball through the course. If the ball falls through the pegs and into the WIN slot a second dispenser ejects a bonus prize in addition to the product they purchased on game play; the prize is only limited by your imagination. We all know how kids and adults both like to win free prizes and that's what makes this machine so attractive and profitable.

If you really want to be amazed you can pepper the free product dispenser with a few grand prize capsules saying Free Bike or Free Game Boy and then watch the avalanche of quarters flow into the machine!

Contact: Chris Negus, President


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Contact: Chris Negus, President
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